Battle Time

This a blog where the information about the rivals in OFF is posted.
OFF is a game created by Mortis Ghost, mod takes no credit for anything.
Spoilers ahead! Be careful!


Changed the url. I figured this fits better since all the info is collected by using wide angle (or eye) ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

The Judge (Pablo)
Feline avenger.HP: ??? / CP: ???Final boss
???HP: ??? / CP: ???No weakness/resistance
The Batter
Demented purificatory incarnationHP: ??? / CP: ???Final boss
A little boy.HP: ??? / CP: ???
Delta, Sigma and Ipsilon
The royal add-ons.
Vader Eloha
The Queen.HP: ??? / CP: ???Fourth Boss.
Obese Spectre
Overweight ectoplasmic incarnation.HP: 500 / CP: 60Light weakness against smoke.
Carnivorous mammal with thick fur.HP: 200 / CP: 10No weakness/resistance.
Demonical, humanoid spirit.HP: 3500 / CP: 0Light weakness against plastic. Light resistance against smoke.